We offer SAMUHA Cutting-edge Battery Technologies with superior in Efficiency & Reliability best cost solutions based on Lithium-ion & advanced Nano Materials and Ultra capacitor. We provide best in industry Battery management System (BMS) as integral part of our Battery packs. We design project specific modular Battery packs to optimise the cost. We promise all modular Battery Packs will come with superior quality level & unique safety features and provided leading-edge operation cycle & calendar life.

Charging Duration for 50kW range modular battery packs will be 80% in 30 minutes to 15 minutes. And we continue our research towards 100% in 15 minutes. Our products are certified to applicable Project specific Regional & International Standards    (Ex: UL Standards, BSI, EU, IEC, ISO.Etc)

Note: We offer Battery 2nd life solutions as Recycle & Reuse.

We offer PRABHARANA Cutting-edge Charging Technologies with superior in Efficiency & Reliability best cost solutions to Battery Charger & Charing Networks Infrastructure for all type of Projects. Our solutions also extend to battery Exchange Networks.

Charging range: 43-50kW Rapid charging with AC & DC supplies (DC-Chademo, DC-CCS & AC-Type 2). We are focused to shift towards Higher Power (100 kW+) chargin solutions in future. We also offer 3kW/7kW solutions for Cars & Autos & Bikes.

Note: We highly recommend SAMUHAModular Battery Packs for optimal profits and we also offer our PRABHARANAfor other supplier Battery Packs application projects.

Recharging Business Model: Our team is expert in preparing Recharging Infrastructure (RI) business cases based on project specific conditions. We do feasibility study based on established methods and We ensure latest Technology developments. We consider delivery rates of Charging point, charging curves of potential EV uses these charge points, we develop Actual power delivery calculation and feasible back to back charging possibilities. As a result, we develop most cost-effective solutions as Recharging locations number & place.

We also offer extended support by doing Operational performance (OP) of charging points with Charge point uses and further recommendation if required.  

Note: Our experts also provide improvements on Electrical Networks & Power Generation Infrastructure for EV Projects to avoid Grid melt situations. We will offer Well to Wheels & Tank to Wheel analysis.