Our Aim – Eco friendly(LOW GWP &Natural) systems based on sustainable design for optimal gains with best cost to Lead the World R & C sector

HIMAKARA is Our Sustainable Project Methodology for Cold Storage facilities (Agri, Pharma, Food Processing, Wholesale & Retailer applications):

For Project Financial, Development, Execution & Operational and Maintenance details please refer to MR-PFDE&OM solutions section in this website.

Our pioneered solutions for Refiguration & Cooling: are based on current Low GWP (HFC, HFO & Blends) and we shift towards natural (Ammonia, Propane & CO2) Refrigerant in future based on Economic & Environment to compliance with current & future regulations.

Our HIMAKARA Sustainable Project Approach for Horticulture Cold Storage facilities (Fruits & Vegetables. Etc)

Vegetables & Fruits have short shell life after harvest if held at normal surrounding temperatures. Postharvest Pre-cooling rapidly removes field heat and Cold Rooms allows Short, Medium & Longer storage periods, depending on requirements. Proper postharvest cooling will:

      • Lowers respiratory movement and degradation by enzymes
      • Decrease internal water loss and wilting
      • Decelerate or inhibit the growth of decay-producing microorganisms
      • Lower the production of the natural ripening agent, ethylene

Based on their thermal incompatibility the produce arse classified into

1.Fruits & Vegetables produce not sensitive to cold (0-4°C)
E.g. carrot & Apple & grape, and onion. Etc

    • Fruits & Vegetables produce moderately sensitive cols(4-8°C)
      E.g. Ripened tomato & Mango & Potato and Orange. Etc
    • Fruits & Vegetables produce sensitive to cold (>8°C)
      E.g. Pumpkin & Pineapple & Banana and Okra. Etc
    • Fruits & Vegetables produce cold sensitive other classifications

Our Experts classified Horticulture cold stores into following groups.

    1. Cold Rooms for Single produce with fixed temperature
    2. Cold Rooms for T&H sensitive categorised produces with fixed temperature
    3. Cold Rooms for Multipurpose (Different T&H sensitive categorised produces with variable temperature)

HIMAKARAbasic approach of Cold Storage Arrangements & Considerations

The useful volume of a chamber is calculated as a function of the maximum mass of produce, in Cold rooms at the same time, taking account of the useful densities of storage, articulated respectively as net mass of goods, per useable [ m3 (or) in kg] of cartons linear storage on pallets & racks.

HIMAKARA Template Design for Cold Storage

      • Design of Carton & Pallets & Racks for Cold Rooms based on the targeted Produces parameters.
      • Planning of Access for Machines & Humans.
      • Design of Internal & External Dimensions of Cold Rooms & Cold Storage buildings.
      • Design of Cold Room Doors and Loading Docks for Cold Storage buildings.
      • All other miscellaneous requirements.

HIMAKARA Automated Refrigeration Systems(Direct & Indirect)

We deliver best Efficient, Reliable & Safe, cost compatible systems with Low GWP refrigerant based on International Standard

HIMAKARA Principles in Implementation & Construction of Cold Storage.

    • Process Layout & Planning Drawings and Application & Design Drawings and Specifications.
    • Site specific location consideration in design of Cold storage: Access to Farm & Market & Environment & Local factors…etc.
    • We implement Fabric first in Construction material & Passive design to local environmental conditions for Cold storage.
    • We take precise care in Foundation & Floor and Structural support systems.
    • Insulation (Cold Rooms & Buildings & Piping and Duct & Vapour Sealings) : we use best efficient & cost effective insulation materials based on standard thickness of insulation at different temperatures.

HIMAKARA Cold Storage system Integration & Testing and Commissioning & Certifications methodologies:

Our Experts will ensure site specific Cold Storage Overall system accurate Integration & Testing and thereafter Commissioning & Certifications, by applying our pioneered verification & validation methods and relevant site-specific regional standards. Example FSA – UK & FASSAI-India. We ensure HACCP for our projects & we can work for all other international standards.

HIMAKARA Operational and Maintenance methodology for Cold Storage.

    • Our Experts will ensure to achieve efficient Operational and Maintenance at each & every stage of project. We promise to our clients cost effective O & M strategies.
    • Our Experts produce Operational plan based on specific Cold Storage project.
    • Our Experts produce Maintenance plan based on specific Cold Storage project.
    • We provide O & M Services & Training to our clients.

HIMAKARA Automated Transportation Refrigeration Units (TRU)

We deliver best Efficient, Reliable & Safe, cost compatible traditional TRU systems with Low GWP refrigerant & Innovative Cryogenic TRU (Liquid Nitrogen & Carbon Dioxide)

HIMASAGAR is Our Sustainable Project Approach for Frozen Cold Storages facilities:

HIMANI is Our Sustainable Project Approach for Domestic Cooling facilities: