UDAJANA is Our Sustainable techno commercial platform for Hydrogen fuel power generation technologies-based application projects for 24 Hours power plant applications (Grid-connected ORStandalone)

Photocatalytic -Hydrogen Production Technology: with our partners, we have developed most innovative and cost efficient Hydrogen production with Concentrated Solar power (CSP) technology & Water ( even we can use Sea water).

    • Hydrogen production process is based on Photocatalytic water splitting, it requires sunlight (CSP), water & Catalytic Material. Till now durability is the problem in Hydrogen production based on Photocatalytic water splitting. But due to modified catalytic material this can go upto 1300 hr continuous hydrogen generation. Rhodium Chromium Oxide can efficiently decomposes water into H2 and O2. To prevent corrosion, cobalt is added to the catalytic material. Out proposed technology will work on large scale and with best cost.

Electrolysis -Hydrogen Production Technology: this production technology can be combined with Solar PV + Wind ( On Shore & Off-Shore) to produce hydrogen with Electrolysis technology.

    • Electrolysis consists of using electricity to split water into hydrogen and oxygen. Thus electrolysers are widely used to split water into Hydrogen and Oxygen. Electrolysis is currently the most promising method of Hydrogen production with very high purities (99.999%), due to high efficiency and fast dynamic response compared to some other methods.

Power Generation with Hydrogen Fuel Technology

With our partner, we have succeeded in adapting a tested, highly efficient power plant so that it can use pure hydrogen with comparable economy and reliability for the decentralised generation of electricity and additional heating & cooling.

    • Hydrogen power plant can be used by public utilities and other energy suppliers as well as by industrial and commercial companies.
    • Wide range of gas types can be used: from pure hydrogen to variable gas mixtures with natural gas or lean gases. And Syngas produced from Municipal Solid Waste Gasifiers.
    • Our proposed Hydrogen power engine are more robust and cheaper than fuel cells,
    • With combined cycle power generation (Bryton & Organic Rankine Cycle) capacity up to 55% to 70% in practice, will be world highest record when compared with other options.
    • In comparison with Battery & Thermal Energy Storage ( Molten Slat & PCM), this technology is more cost effective and more reliable.
    • Power generation capacity will range from minimum 110 kW to any large size.
    • With this technology; 1.5 MW power plant for 24 hours continuous and reliable power generation can be compete with existing coal based power plant price traffic.

working with Diesel & Biodiesel as dual fuel. We are also working on Natural gas as dual fuel with this technology.

We are also offering decentralised 24 hours continuous power generation, solutions with our dual fuel Hydrogen generators with power capacity range from 40 kW to 2.6 MW as grid interactive and Standalone applications. The lean combustion of Hydrogen leads to high efficiency (45%) and low NOx emissions ( < 0.2 gr NOx/ kWh).

      • In dual fuel hydrogen (85%) and diesel (15%), Bio-diesel can be used. As well as 100% mono fuel of Hydrogen can also be used in upcoming model of this technology.
      • Power generation Options with combination of Hydrogen Fuel for 24 Hours continuous and reliable power