Hydrogen Dual – Fuel as a transition technology

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      • There is a need for a transition technology, to drive the use of hydrogen as major fuel for transport.
      • With significant capital expense involved in the infrastructure, a flexible technology that can still operate without hydrogen being available (no loss of asset) is required to generate the demand for hydrogen and hydrogen refuelling infrastructure.
      • Once there is hydrogen available, dual-fuel co-combustion engines can take advantage of the clean energy source. The dual-fuel co-combustion engines have shown exactly this flexibility for nearly 10 years.
      • The dual-fuel engines can run on 100% diesel if there is no hydrogen available, then run with hydrogen-diesel with a simple refuel process exactly like current gasoline or diesel refuelling (in some cases, even available on the same forecourt for on-road applications).
      • Dual-fuel co-combustion engines leverage the known long lifetime and low CAPEX and OPEX of internal combustion engines.
      • The changes to the internal combustion engines for dual-fuel operation are minimal (the technology can even be retro-fitted to existing engines in some cases) meaning low investment costs.
      • Operating, servicing, repair and maintenance are all similar to existing engines meaning low opex costs – minimal retraining. existing infrastructure for parts supply and servicing.