Conversion of existing ICE ( Diesel /Petrol) to Hydrogen ICE with MR Green Transport Platform

Conversion technology enables vehicle owners to achieve their environmental targets without compromise to range or operational performance. Making ultra-low emission practical for commercial vehicle fleets

      • Commercial vehicle conversions: Converting standard  diesel & petrol commercial vehicles post registration to run as dual fuel hydrogen diesel vehicles, involves the supply of a safely engineered retrofit kit encompassing tanks, lines, engine control and management system.   
      • Low emission mileage with hydrogen: Hydrogen is a zero carbon fuel for transport. The only bi-product of its combustion with oxygen is water. When produced from renewable generation such as solar and wind it is the ultimate “green” fuel.

Top Five Reasons To Make The Switch

Conversion of standard diesel commercial vehicles to run with hydrogen enables ultra low emission mileage TODAY. In comparison to other technologies that reduce carbon emissions, hydrogen diesel combustion allows:

        • +70% reduction of carbon dioxide emissions over standard diesel vehicles.
        • No reduction in pay load requirements. 
        • No range anxiety (running on diesel is always available if hydrogen is not). 
        • Cost effective low carbon solution with proven technology. 
  • Reduced DPF issues/constraints when vehicle are used in stop start duty cycles

Next step is journey towards Hydrogen Mono-Fuel Process technology, once availability of Hydrogen  refuelling Infrasture.