Our Aim – EV & Hybrid Vehicles Transport Systems based on sustainable design for optimal gains with best cost to Overtake traditional ICE systems in Road Transport.

We offer NANDI VAHANA Cutting-edge EV Overall System Technologies for new Electric Vehicle designs and existing Electric Vehicle designs. As a result, adapted vehicle will be ZERO emission vehicle. Our NANDI VAHANA can offer Plug-in vehicle (PIV) OR Battery exchange and combined technology based on specific requirements of application.  

With NANDI VAHANA EV Overall System Technologies, our experts will convert existing Internal Combustion Engines (ICE) to Electric Vehicles

We offer GARUDA VAHANA Cutting-edge Hybrid & Semi- EV Overall System Technologies for new ICE Vehicle designs and existing ICE Vehicle designs. As a result adapted vehicle will be Ultra Low Emission Vehicle (ULEV) or Low Emission Vehicle (LEV)

Our Experts solution are based on predominantly Series Hybrid Architecture.  Our GARUDA VAHANA can offer Plug-in Hybrids (PIHEV) OR Battery exchange and combined technology based on specific requirements of application

Common features of NANDI VAHANA and GARUDA VAHANA methodologies

Our Expert Team designed sustainable EV Overall systems with Powertrain Delivery Modules, Power Inverter, Electric motor & Reduction drive and Connector Box. Regenerative braking will be integral part of our solutions.

We have designed ground barking Vehicle Control & Advisory (VCA) System for precise control & Optimal Energy uses & most Reliable & Efficient Operational availability

Our designs will come with HAVC, Passenger Information & Addressing (PIA), Vehicle to Control Centre Communication (VCCC) for Intelligent Transport applications. Features will be added as per specific project requirements.

As promised our offering will come with best Efficiency, Reliability, Maintainability, Availability & Safety at compatible cost. And Environmentally friendly solutions.

Note:  Our NANDI VAHANA& GARUDA VAHANA technology application arears will be Cars, Buses (Mini to Large), Light Freight (Vans), Heavy Fright (LGV & HGV).

We provide our quoted vehicle ranges based on “the New European Driving Cycle” (NEDC) and “Worldwide harmonised Light vehicle Test Procedures” (WLTP). We have networks with the International Council on Clean Transportation (icct) & ZEV Alliance.