Policy & Regulations

Our Expertise on EV & Hybrid vehicle Policy and Regulation will range from UK, EU & India. When we work for EV & Hybrid vehicle Transport projects; we will consider project specific Regional & National Policies, Targets, Penalties, Government Incentives and diverse Impacts. We also keep eye on political considerations of Project.  

We are committed to explore other part of the world for Opportunities in future.

Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE): Our team is Expertise on complete EVSE – All equipment’s installed to deliver energy from the grid to an EV. Including plugs, sockets, conductors, power outlets and device which allows communication between the charging apparatus and EV (PIV, PIHEV).

Our Experts team will Design, Develop, Execute EV Charging point / unit and EV charging stations on EPC basis. We also offer Operation & maintenance of these facilities.

Note: Our Experts can help in developing regional regulations for standardise Recharging plugs & sockets and charging infrastructure. We also offer Battery exchange standardisation. We apply Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP) to enable wide accessible future recharge networks for Regional & National Level.