Our pioneered MR-PF, MR-PDE&OM platform solutions for Project Financial, Development, Execution & Operational and Maintenance stages. In future we will develop Decommission & Disposal with maximum Recycle & Reuse solutions to meet our capabilities from START to END.

        • Our MR-PF financing methods are based on feasible current & future market oriented aligned with country specific Government support & financial assistance. As a result, we offer affordable & sustainable & profitable solutions for specific business (CAPEX + OPEX).
        • Our Project Business Case starts from financial & technical feasibility, Our proposed Investment decision in  Specific projects are based on best funding options & low interest loans and we consider financial & Technical  risks and lodge into risk assessment template & Post Occupancy evaluation (POE), Process and Operational changes, Choosing the right option in Making profitable investment decisions. MR-PF solutions are applied to specific project stage starting from Demonstration project for techno commercial feasibility to commercial scale deployment projects. Below are the few project financings options. 
        • Private equity: with Self -financing (Business owner as person OR Co-ops) + Private Investor (Induvial persons & Crowd funding) + Public Sector Undertaking investments + Venture Capital Investor+ Angel Investors+ Special purpose vehicle (SPV) bonds.
        • Government grants: Country specific + Industry specialized
        • Loans ( National & International Banks and Other Domain specific funds)

Note -1:  Publicly Traded Private Equity options also will be considered based on Demand & Supply of specific Business.

Note-2: We will provide Industry & market specific feasible financial calculations will consider payback period, Return on Investment (ROI), Net Present value (NPV), Internal Rate of Return (IRR). For RE projects our teams will also considers Levelized Cost of Energy (LCOE). Our Experts will apply Time & Value in present & Future to all projects as basic rule.

“The only way you will ever permanently take control of your project’s financial life is to dig deep and fix the root problem.”

MR-PDE&OM solutions based on sustainable design (economical & environment friendly) for projects development, execution & operational and maintenance stages

        • What we consider in Sustainable design for projects Planning, Execution, Operation & Maintenance.

The secret to winning is constant & consistent management

      • Objective of the Project & Customer aspirations,
      • Market Outlook & Analysis: Feasible current and future Opportunities & Risks
      • Project management & financial implications
      • Site constrains & type of building with uses of materials
      • present requirement of Energy & future use on basis of Environment Impact
      • Overall & Sub system Design Architecture & Implementation methodology
      • Installation & Integration of sub systems to Overall Project System
      • Testing & Commissioning & Certification execution methodology
      • Operation & Maintenance as reliable and efficient.
      • End of Life cycle including De-commissioning and Recycle & Reuse. 
      • We Evaluate Effectiveness and values of Each design by considering each option with specific suitability and finance measures based on Cost benefit Analysis (CBA) & Marginal Abatement Cost Curves (MACC)
      • We develop Risk register for each project we do to void creating new problems, by considering operation & maintenance of applied technologies and future upgrades.
      • We develop Implementation and Monitoring Plan for each project. And we produce specific Operation & Maintenance Plan with high importance.
      • Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) calculations are performed by Industry specific people with application of established methods and industry specific LCA tools.