The fundamental aim of our Platform Technology is to provide a cost effective, and immediate opportunity for commercial vehicle owners to have access to technology that can help them reduce their carbon and air quality emissions. 

        • Energy from hydrogen will be a fundamental part of the global and local solution to decarbonisation, with its ability to be generated from a range of sources, its ubiquitous abundance and being an intelligent solution to energy storage. 
        • There’s no doubt that particularly in transport, a route in the future to use this zero carbon energy will come with the deployment of fuel cells, Electric Vehicles and other related technologies. 
        • However for commercial vehicle owners this is some way off. By using well understood and efficient combustion engine technology, and adapting them to use hydrogen we have developed a solution that can meet vehicle owner’s practical requirements, and deliver carbon reduction, NOW.

Benefits of Hydrogen – with MR Green Transport Hydrogen fuel Technology.

Hydrogen is a zero carbon fuel at point of use. For transport applications hydrogen can be used in a fuel cell to generate electricity directly on board the vehicle, or in a conventional combustion engine, replacing hydrocarbons such as diesel, petrol or methane gas.

        • If hydrogen is used in combustion engines, particulates and other emissions that impact on air quality are also dramatically reduced, although the by-products of the reaction with nitrogen in air (NOx etc), have to be managed carefully. 
        • Traditionally the latter, management of NOx etc, has meant that it is extremely challenging to ensure that ultra-low emissions standards (the combination of low carbon and improved air quality emissions) can be met by hydrogen combustion approaches.
        • If the hydrogen is used in an on board fuel cell, the owner has an electric vehicle that can be refuelled in less than 5 mins, addressing range anxiety and then providing all the other benefits that electric mobility can provide.