Why US & Our Business  Unique Selling Points (USP)

Uniqueness in our business strategy is our Green Energy & Smart Infrastructure platform- based approach form START to END of the project including decommissioning. Our pioneered MR-PF, MR-PDE&OM platform solutions along with technical platform strategy for Solar projects with SPV & CSP technologies is ADITYA VARDAN, Wind projects are covered in PAVANPUTRA, Hydrogen fuel based 24 hours power generation plants are covered in UDAJANA.

    • We also developed project specific solutions in combination of Solar, Wind & Hydrogen with Energy Storage Solutions for 24 hours continuous power generation. And these solutions will make competitive power generation tariff with existing thermal power generation including  demand-based power supply to State and National grids.
    • We also developed cost effective and Indian & Asian market suitable Eco SMART infrastructure applications for Urban & Rural communities, Health & Educational Infrastructure. And also for private applications like shopping malls, hotels. Etc.
    • To achieve the above business objective and to meet techno commercial viability for developing and underdeveloped economies we have done several third-party products optimization in Engineering & Manufacturing technologies without compromising quality. These products optimization will be exclusive legal rights (I.P) of us.
    • We are also developed our own copyright process to serve project financial, execution, Operation & Maintenance with Human resource training to resolve lack of technical skills in local youth.

We also have uniqueness in our business strategy is our Green & Intelligent Transport platform-based approach for Road & Rail & Marine Transportation.

Our Low carbon fuel technology is innovative solution with alternative low carbon fuel production for Road, Rail, Marine and Aviation Transportation self-sustainability & Clean fuel.

Our Global Warming Potential (GWP) Refrigeration & Cooling Technology is cost effective innovative solution for India & Asian countries Smart Infrastructure Cooling & Agriculture Integrated Cold chain and Warehousing facilities.